Creative Recycling for Better Learning

For most manufacturing companies, pallets are disposable woods used for supporting goods. However, instead of simply disposing these items, a locator in Cebu Light and Industrial Park thought of a worthwhile way of recycling them.

Teradyne Philippines Ltd. converts used pallets to school chairs for the Kinder students of Basak Elementary School and Babag Elementary School in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu. A total of 275 chairs made out of wooden pallets were handed over to IGFI last February 14, 2019.

The donation of pallet chairs this year is significantly higher compared with last year. With the additional donation, the partner-schools now have enough chairs which contribute to a more conducive learning environment for the students. Pallet chairs are sturdier compared with monobloc chairs. They’re also comfortable to use which supports the students’ effective learning process.

To date, Teradyne has been implementing this environmental initiative for three years and has approximately produced 350 recycled pallet chairs.

Creative Recycling for Better Learning
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